Stop domestic violence against women

At the Warsaw Summit in May 2005, the heads of state and government passed an Action Plan specifying the European Council's main goals for the years to come.

This Plan provides for the European Council to take measures to combat violence against women - including domestic violence -, appoint a task force and carry out a pan-European campaign on this issue.

The Task Force appointed under this Action Plan, made up of eight international experts including one Austrian, developed a blueprint that was adopted by the Ministerial Committee in June 2006.

This campaign was designed to condemn domestic violence as a violation of human rights, encourage public debate in Europe and promote the implementation of effective policies for the protection of women against domestic violence.

Specifically, significant progress was envisaged for the implementation of the recommendation Rec (2002) 5, adopted by the Ministerial Committee on 30 April 2002.

The campaign was launched on 27 November 2006 with a kick-off event organised by the European Council, which also set up a website with information about the campaign. In the course of the campaign, member states took action in various fields and reported to the European Council.

A concluding conference attended by high-ranking representatives took place from 10 - 11 June 2008 in Strasbourg. The conference evaluated the results of the first European campaign and presented an analysis of the measures and actions taken by the member states. Recommendations were submitted for future activities both of the European Council and its member states with regard to preventing and combating violence.

Task Force recommendations to the European Council

  • develop a comprehensive European human rights convention for preventing and combating violence against women
  • appoint a special rapporteur on violence against women
  • prompt measures against the murder of women by their (ex)husbands, partners or relatives, and
  • specific data collections and case analyses in this field

Task Force recommendations to the member states:

  • develop a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to combat violence against women based on research and data
  • provide adequate means for an effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the strategy
  • provide funds for preventive work, protection of victims, prosecution of offenders and support offers
  • build a consistent legal system designed for the protection of victims
  • provide a network of support and care services
  • carry out research and data collection as required for strategy development
  • build awareness by means of public relations, education at school and (advanced) training of all relevant professional groups
  • integrate men in the process of violence reduction

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